Our Technology

We’ve invested in our technology for you

Over the years the transport industry has embraced modern technology and started to incorporate digital interaction as part of their standard process. At Just Freight we have invested in utilising as many of these technological advancements as possible to improve our efficiency and integration with our partner transport companies. We utilise scanner and sign-on-glass technology to make package and freight deliveries simple. Our depot is monitored 24/7 with our infrared CCTV cameras giving you peace of mind when storing freight at our warehouse.


Our scanners have built in GPS tracking. Where freight has an ‘authority to leave’, our scanners give us the ability to take photos of the freight delivered and upload images to our internal system to prevent discrepancies. With this system we can ensure 100% of our deliveries make it to your door.


Our depot is under 24hr surveillance with a state-of-the-art security system that includes infrared night movement cameras. The system is constantly monitored by our staff who are alerted immediately when triggered.

Sign on glass

With sign on glass from High Tech RS31 and other brands, we can not only get instant PODs, we’re able to track your consignment right to the doorstep of your house. This, along with the GSP tracking in the trucks, ensures that our deliveries are timely and safe.

We can also capture secured images if freight is pre-approved to be ATL’d at a business or home address.

GPS Tracking

All of our trucks are fitted with GPS tracking to ensure deliveries are done on time every time. This also assures us that our drivers are obeying the road rules with alert systems linked.