Storage & Warehousing


The Just freight commercial storage shed offers secure warehousing services, offering full 24-hour surveillance using infrared CCTV and warehouse pallet storage to support your business in maintaining a reliable supply chain. Our inventory management includes stock rotation, monthly counts, and regular status reports to keep you in the loop.

Commercial Storage Sheds

We have 32 commercial storage sheds 8mx6m, 4m high which can fit a forklift inside making pallet storage simple. Piece of mind with our 24 hour CCTV surveillance security and 6ft security fence perimiter. Whether you are storing freight, personal items or vehicles these storage units can be utilised by anyone. Contact us today to secure your storage requirements.

Warehousing – Pallet Storage

From 1 pallet to 100 pallets, short or long term secure warehouse storage is available for your freight. If you are increasing stock levels or coming up to a buying period, our warehouse is available to you. Ask us about your options. 

Container Packing & unpacking

For your convenience, one of our points of difference is that we are specialists in unpacking and repacking shipping container cargo. If your freight requires repacking please contact us for more information.